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Natural Wonders Farm is located in Prescott Az. The passion behind the farm is to supply high quality nutritious produce at a fair price. After experimenting with market gardening and growing in soil it became apparent that the costs involved in getting the produce to market was not cost effective. The genius of growing hydroponically in vertical ZipGrow Towers came from Bright Agrotech. We can grow 3 times the food at much less expense.

We are growing hydroponically in towers that can be taken directly from the greenhouse to market! What is exciting about this is customers can pick their own live produce like it was coming directly from their own garden. This benefits the customer but also because we have less harvesting and processing costs. And the markets are almost unlimited! We will sell at the farmers markets, restaurants, grocery stores and directly to the customer. We will have our own farmers market in a commercial location downtown Prescott where customers can get their live produce every day! In addition we plan to help the schools with the farm to schools program. Restaurants benefit with great local produce that they can have on demand. If they are short on basil it’s only a phone call away. Live tower sales are already appearing in Whole Foods throughout the country.

We are starting in a small greenhouse with plans to expand to more greenhouses, land farming, greenhouse construction, and farmer/gardener consultation services. The first greenhouse is under construction and expected to be finished in early spring 2016.

If you’re ready for some fresh produce, all you need to do is reach out to us!

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